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Boss and colleagues sent me friend requests on social media platforms. What's the best thing to do?

Ignore and pretend I didn't receive the requests. 44%
Immediately accept and post boss-friendly content from then on. 31%
Immediately accept but create a new account and stop using the old account. 19%
Reject and tell them I don't want my personal life to be mixed with professional one. 6%
CompassLoft is useful for us, especially those who have just graduated. It helps us to find what we really want, and encourages us to dare to pursue it.
- Reni ( Fresh Graduate )
It’s a new event for us. We’ve never attended event like this before. Through the engaging nature of this event, coding is not as foreign a concept to me anymore.
( )
It’s very informative and very open. It’s not like a very formal session where you’ll feel shy to ask questions.
- Parinda Bhathiya ( Mechanical Engineering Student from NTU )
When you’re going out from the education institutions to find a job, now you join an event like this, then you know what to expect and what they are expecting from you.
- Buddhi Prathibha ( Engineering Student from NTU )
After this workshop, I think I’ll be more confident for the job interviews in the future.
- Cui Mingyue ( Fresh Graduate )
There are always things to learn, ways to use it, and sort of taking the next step.
( Parent of Matthew )

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