We are constantly looking for vibrant and committed talent who are passionate about technology for education to join our team.

If you think you fit the bill, just drop us an email at admin@compassloft.com with your resume and cover letter. We will be happy to have a chat with you.



We value the voice of each and every employee. Each employee is given the autonomy to take on responsibilities as a leader and a member of a team, and is provided with the opportunity to try out different things outside the usual job scope. Read more about the unique story each employee and intern has to tell during his/her journey with CompassLoft.


Copywriter & Network Outreach Coordinator

"Working at CompassLoft has been an enriching and valuable experience for me. The startup environment is very dynamic, and there are many changes that we have to learn to adapt to. We have to be ready for change, and embrace the change that comes along.

Also, working in a startup means that we are not just fulfilling the tasks stated in the job portal; we are also doing work outside our job scope. This actually provides opportunities for us to learn how to handle different aspects of the business, and provide exposure that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to get just fulfilling our own job scope. I have been able to meet many people through the networking opportunities I was given at CompassLoft, and even got to go on a business trip to meet overseas partners.

CompassLoft provides an environment where you are given the chance to propose ideas for the company, as well as autonomy to initiate and take the lead for new projects. In my journey here so far, we have managed to launch several video series, a monthly schedule of social media posts, as well as the company’s biggest industry event ever with around 200 participants!

Every day is a learning opportunity for me, and I have grown a lot working here."

"Upon joining CompassLoft, I found that it has proven to be of good experience to me. I have learnt to develop myself both personally and professionally. CompassLoft continues to recognise and support my aspirations. I have been encouraged to develop skills and access the support I need to take up different challenging roles and projects. I always feel that my opinions are valued and I’m privileged to be able to work with such a great and inspiring team."


Multimedia Content Executive


National University of Singapore

"I think the internship was really fulfilling and I learnt a lot about working in the creative industry. I learnt to be proactive in all the things that I do. I learnt a lot.

I learnt about producing, directing, set layout, cinematography, scriptwriting and hosting. I learnt about copywriting, content creation, editing and content curation. Working for CompassLoft gave me the opportunity to understand more about the creative industry. From this experience, I can see what a truly talented and skillful team CompassLoft has. At some points it was tiring, even mentally draining, but working here was every bit worth it. I have never gained so much fulfillment in any other job that I have ever worked for.

I learnt about what it takes to be an inspiring leader, what it means to be fully dedicated to your work, and what it means to create value for people.

Each and every memory is memorable for its own reason, the arduously long hours of writing and editing for a two-page feature article, the hilarious behind-the-scenes video shoot, the birthday celebration for my colleagues etc. I cannot choose one memorable experience here because choosing one would not do justice to all the other special memories I have forged while working here at CompassLoft."

"I am very thankful for this internship with the fantastic team at CompassLoft, as they provided me with many opportunities to hone different analytical and organisational skills through the various projects assigned to me. I had a much better understanding of the startup ecosystem in Singapore after working with CompassLoft, and on top of that, I was also given a generous amount of autonomy for each project, with the team was always there guiding and supporting me through each task."


National University of Singapore


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