Case Study

Kids are natural coders, so we found out at CompassLoft’s Coding for Kids* in 2015.

About 100 parents and their excited children joined us on a Saturday afternoon, to learn simple coding, and apply it to manoeuvre robots. Parents were amazed and fascinated by their children’s natural abilities to pick up coding quickly, as well as their instinct to hypothesise, experiment and create.

Coding is a skill that has become increasingly important and relevant in the workplace, but many parents are still unfamiliar with this field of knowledge.

This is where CompassLoft comes in. With Coding for Kids, we hope to jumpstart children's education in code literacy.

We also encourage more people to find out about and understand the power of coding through our programmes and outreach on social media. With more people coding, we would have more innovative ideas and frameworks to solve many of the issues confronting the world today, in the environment, healthcare, education, and more.

*Held in conjunction with the Hour of Code, a global movement to introduce children to coding and celebrate computer science.

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