Entrepreneurs’ Stories
Indulge in a little reading pleasure with our collection of stories about inspirational figures, and hear the voices behind their different journeys to success. One of these figures might even be a hero in someone’s life!

Appreciating the Naiise Things in Life

We encounter design everywhere, every day, but seldom do we notice it. So Dennis Tay created a unique store, so shoppers would stop taking design for granted, and start getting inspired. One of the simplest words to describe something positive is “nice”, and that was exactly what Dennis Tay felt would best represent his company’s

Can Crafting be the New Hype?

Two young women wanted to help the Singapore craft community, by letting them use the extra space they had. Such is the humble origin of Itchy Fingers, whose workshops are about getting Singaporeans all crafty. Stale & Co., Project Coal, The Letter J Supply… These unique brand names are some of the exciting Singapore-born and

The Hands that Speak

Singlish sign language videos, music shows, job creation for the deaf – ExtraOrdinary Horizons hopes to do great things with their hands. Lily Goh, founder of the social enterprise for the deaf, tells us more. The recent news about a woman shouting at a deaf and mute cleaner to “go be a beggar” at the

Revealing What’s UNSAID

By giving silenced struggles a voice, UNSAID raises social awareness about people on the margins. Its Head of Outreach, Alisa Maya, sheds light on running one of Singapore’s largest independent student-led social enterprises. In conservative Singapore, it takes a lot of effort and courage to speak up for the socially marginalised. But a group of

The Actor who Minds his Own Business

Fresh from winning his Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the world’s most famous actors today. But did you know he is also a businessman and an environmental activist? We all know Leonardo DiCaprio. We remember him as the teenage heartthrob of Titanic, the charming serial imposter from Catch Me If You Can, the obnoxious

Grab – A Tale of Little Time but Great Effort

By relentlessly building up her business, despite limited time and other obstacles, an entrepreneur turns a startup dream into reality. Now, she’s giving the world’s leading companies a run for their money. Asia has become a hotspot for cab-booking apps in recent years, with Uber and Brazil’s Easy Taxi gunning to dominate the world’s most

Rich in Many Ways

She is one half of the world’s richest couple, but she chooses not to indulge in her wealth. Instead, she champions causes for the underprivileged and vulnerable, and teaches her children the same thing. In the summer of 1986, a young computer science and economics graduate from Duke University named Melinda Ann French was almost

Millionaire Scholar Helps Scholars Save Millions

Getting a college scholarship in the US is an immense challenge, but he did it with overwhelming success. And he did not stop there. Christopher Gray went on to help thousands of other youths find scholarships, while championing more social causes. While many of us have fond memories of secondary school – the silly things

The Mysterious Messenger

He is perhaps the most unorthodox of techpreneurs. Living a life fit for a Hollywood script, he baffles the world with his cyber security systems and bizarre antics. Pavel Durov keeps everyone guessing, but leaves no doubt about his genius. Tech icons heading some of the world’s biggest companies tend to live in luxurious homes,

New Lessons for the New Year – Youmi’s Chen Di

By defying norms and sticking to his vision, the founder of a leading mobile advertising firm scored some hard-won gains in a few short years. How many 28-year-olds do you know can boast of doing business with China Mobile and Alibaba? Chen Di is the schoolboyish-looking, plain-dressing technopreneur who has been cutting deals with the


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